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🎨 About Me

“Painting is Self Discovery…

It is another way of keeping a diary..”

Warm welcome to the world of colorful stories and vibrant events as beautiful unique wall art! Drawn to the beauty of Mandalas and love for artistic history, has made me passionate about colors and canvas. So, Hello all, myself Sthiti Mishra and I am the founder of PassionInArt. 


Here, I express my covet to gravitate in brief how Mandala Arts and Traditional folk arts acts as invigorating accelerators to symbolize a state of mind that one craves for. “Mandala”, a geometric configuration of symbols represents the spiritual journey, starting from outside to the inner core, adepts as a spiritual guidance tool, for establishing a sacred space and aids in meditation, healing and trance induction. “Traditional Folk Art” connects us with our strong cultural and artistic history. These art forms had previously only been found in wall paintings or murals, however, now these beautiful stories are a part of everyone’s life, through canvas, cloth or wood. They instantly enliven the most mundane spaces in your home, enthral with its aesthetic presence and keep continuous positiveness in the mind.


With my artwork, I immerse myself into a meditative flow state, allowing the patterns to unfold and stories to come into life, making each piece special !