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📜 Custom Order Inquiry

Thank you for your interest in a personalized art piece. 


There is an option of taking a reference from “Gallery” section to create a personalized design or color combination; or completely new order can be placed matching your interiors and taste. You can look below for size reference. I highly encourage taking a look at my Instagram page for most recent art work with changing styles and designs – @passioninart_sthiti. 

Mandala Art

Each Mandala art is personally painted on a sturdy piece of birch plywood.

For sizes: 10” & 12”, there is
an option to choose between ¼” or ½” thickness and for sizes above 18”, only ½” thickness plywood is chosen as the base, to provide extra strength to the base.

Folk Art

Every art piece is built on a stretched canvas. I add a gold touch as boarder of the painting, thus framing is not required. 



Each painting is painted using premium water-based acrylic paints to deliver a high-quality look, sealed using varnish for permanent and durable finish. The wood boards come with no-show sturdy hooks screwed to the back, making it ready to hang.

All items ship from New Jersey.

Price Estimate are as follows with additional shipping charges (applicable outside New Jersey only):

Circular Wood Boards 

  • 10” Full Mandala: $50 
  • 12” Full Mandala: $70 
  • 18” Full Mandala: $165 
  • 22” Full Mandala: $200 
  • 24” Full Mandala: $300 
  • 30” Full Mandala: $400 
  • 36” Full Mandala: $600 
  • 18” Mirror: $100 
  • 22” Mirror: $150 
  • 24” Mirror: $250 
  • 30” Mirror: $350 

Canvas would vary by shape and size, thus can be estimated on request. 

Preferred method of payment is Venmo/Zelle. Full payment must be made within 3 days of completion and approval of the art piece.  

Prices vary depending on the size and time it takes me to complete a project. I can also custom order most sizes of wood. Please include as much information as possible. Once you submit the form, I will reach out personally to discuss further details and provide a quote. 

Please click on “Contact” Page for custom orders and/or click on “Store” to make a purchase.